Trading Places

Now I can think of no greater thing than to hope for some great outcome; beneath which lies an assurance, in that hope, of the very bedrock of our faith.  I can remember a small man in my youth who once told us that only losers hope for victory, winners expect it.  The words were catchy then, though they seemed unsettling for a bunch of young boys.  Now, so many years later, those shallow roots seem, as small as, the image they dared to convey.  Days come and go, they cannot be rewritten, each is filed away with its 24 hour record and imprint of the things we traded for it; and, the clock begins anew each morning.  Hope for a fresh start, hope for things to improve, hope for a new beginning are just hours away.

Vince Lombardi once said: “the great difference is in sacrifice, in self denial, in love and in loyalty, in fearlessness and in humility in the pursuit of excellence for the perfectly disciplined will”.  Regardless of your religion, creed or set of values, there could not be too many greater things than to hope one could establish himself with such character?  Could you hold your own convictions in one hand and those of someone else in the other, while you each searched for truth between them?  Could you stand against all forces, both carnal and inconceivable without bending?  They say God gives you the opportunity to choose how much of your day will be wasted and how much will be used for good.  You know when your enemy has hope, he’ll fight like hell; and, any man whose lost it is, as good as, dead to the fight.  Hope. Hope in itself, is maybe the very best of things.  You may like how Lombardi finished his oration: “Because this is not only the difference between men; but, the difference between great and little men”. The author of Hebrews, stated things pretty clearly,

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”.

Ain’t it so!

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