These are the Days

So, you have a Quarterback who’s playing absolutely awful, he’s thrown a pick six, completed less than 50% of his passes and is one for nine on third downs.  You definitely need a late rally to save your fantasy weekend.  With 1:54 to go in the game, your defense has kept you in it, 80 yards out and you need a TD to win.  Is there a chance for the leader of the eleven to mount the game winning drive and be the hero?  Regardless of the absolute mess you’ve created in whatever day you choose from your life’s story; does the possibility exist that you can rise above the wreck and perform in a Holy manner in the moments remaining?  We all know the quarterback is capable of the drive, if he can just get his head right in those last seconds. After all, we chose him because he had the talent!  So to the saint, who’s drifted far off course in his less than fruitful day.  This is not an example of the blind squirrel sometimes finding the acorn.  It is the fact, that when we desire to be the best version of ourselves and fail, Christ still allows us to have a moment of redemption, a moment to act Holy in.  “These are the days that we must savor”.  Ain’t it so!

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