The Grand Plan

Does the life we live here determine the life we get for eternity?  Interesting thought, if so, maybe we should spend a greater amount of time on our knee’s.  There isn’t much happening in our day to day calling us toward this end, unless we listen with our eyes closed.  When Jesus said: “Do not be anxious for tomorrow, today has enough troubles of its own”; was He reminding us that we need to pay a little more attention to the sweet now and now?  The “inches are everywhere around us”; those moments we would always like to be our best-self in, but find we are either long or short by the smallest of margins.  If the distinction of our lives serves both to engrave our legacy, as much as, shape our eternal future, can anything be too trivial for prayer?  If we are called to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first, are they both not found in today?  There is much work to do then that needs prayer for accomplishment.

Who would ever enter a game without a game-plan; a process of evaluation, reason and contemplation, then practiced as efficiently as possible?  This breeds confidence and courage, a resolute heart and above all other things, hope!  An old coach once told me, “Time wounds all heels”.  I think he knew the best of plans did not always work out; because he would often say, as if he’d coined the phrase, “The grand plan, wasn’t so grand”.  I am thankful there is grace; without it, a guy would just have to spend way too much time creating plans for plans gone array in order to keep some resemblance of purpose.  Grace.  We all need it, we all can have it if we seek it; located in a view where your knees are rubbing the ground and your face is just inches from the floor.  Ain’t it so.

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