The Fisherman

Why Peter?  Was he the oldest, the wisest (of course, I like to think it was the fact he was a fisherman), what exactly was it that made Jesus choose him to lead the church?  How many “real” leaders do you know?  Consider all men are selfish (myself included), we will follow as long as we see a benefit, our “buy in” is conditional; is there something in it for me!  Seldom does someone come along who can take us beyond this point.  But occasionally a man of inspiration does comes along, connects to our set of values, inspires us, we buy in; then, if he is truly authentic, we are moved beyond what is our “gain” to what is the gain for those around us.  All men have flaws, that’s why we are called men and maybe this is why “leadership” is something that we might not be able to teach?  I can put you in the clothes and place a rod in your hand, I can show you where the fish are lying and where to place your cast; but, if you’re not a fisherman, you’re just a man standing in a river getting wet.  Sure, you occasionally hear a story about a wondrous catch by a first timer; but then again, Peter was no educated man nor was he a man singled out from the leaders of his day, he was a first timer, he was the very essence, a chosen man.  I’ve always thought that teaching a man how to fish had great value for the man; and, if God were to place in his heart the passion and in his life the circumstances and the timing, he might just become a great fisherman.  Ain’t it so!

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