Stealing Home

There is a question of obedience or desire?  What part of your true heart is doing what you do out of obedience, or doing what you do out of desire? When you stop for a moment and consider deeply, both have truth and there is a right place for both when held in balance.  The only people who have a chance to truly understand this are the people who acknowledge their lowly estate and are captured by the condescension of the magnificent God.  When Christ asked the young rich man to sell all he had, was he asking him to sell his stuff, his obedience to the rules he lived by, or his desire to protect the safe life he already enjoyed? It’s not the risk that counts, Christ expects us to take a healthy lead all the time, no matter what the count is.  Think of all the saints who in a metaphor, all stole second on a 2-0 pitch when they knew it was a fastball count.  Obedience forces rules in the extreme, desire forces reckless abandon on its outer edge.  But, you’ll never reach second base with your feet stuck on first.  Ain’t it so!


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