Simply Business

Everything that ain’t love is simply business.  Given that this is true in some broad sense, it must hold true that eventually the outcomes of all relationships outside of love, work out well when there is something in it for you! The idea that applying selflessness or sacrificing can juxtapose this idea is nonsense.  Without love, which is the very forgetting of ones self because you are so completely lost in the abyss of someone else is not business at all, it is love; and, it can only be explained in metaphor not rational terms.  Business is rational, it is processes, and it is explainable in all languages in succinct form.  Love transcends all spoken word in heart, mind and soul.  Isn’t it amazing that this is how God asked us to love him; and isn’t it remarkable that you can best explain that love in what seems the unexplainable.  When it becomes about you, it really isn’t love anymore, its just business.  Ain’t it so!

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