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Beyond the limits of “Toughness” there is only “Hope”, because, without hope there is no oxygen for the “Tough” to breath. Hard times, regardless of their great nature can never separate us from the toughness God intended us to have.  We are to become perfect, as God is perfect, that’s what the Apostle Matthew tells us in his fifth chapter.  These words are Christ’s himself.  He is telling us to be perfect?  We are supposed to be the best we are capable of being.  The best “you”, you are capable of becoming, as Matthew Kelley writes, “The best version of yourself”.  How tough is that?  However, if someone where to tell you they thought you were capable of being special, uniquely qualified to reach a goal beyond your wildest dreams; and then, were willing to pour their whole life into the accomplishment of that goal for you.  Would you be inspired?  Would it create a hope in you that was unquenchable?  Regardless of your failures along the way, they would not give up on you; then, would each shortfall you encountered become a cauterizing fire that healed the wounds inflicted.  Would this election even pierce your greatest fear, that you may not have what it takes?  Toughness, without Hope, is brutally short lived.  Toughness created by the breath of Hope is enduring.  The Book of Hebrews tells us that men of old gained approval by it.  Samuel tells us that David fought his wars with it. God reconciled all things through Jesus by it. May the Hope within you create the Toughness about you?  Ain’t it so!

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