Rivers and Rocks

Have you ever considered what’s the fashion of the day?  Sure, there’s colors, relaxed fit or skinny jeans, cowboy hats with snakeskin bands or red ball caps with cool slogans. On June 6, 1944 thousands of young men just past the age of high school graduation crossed the English Channel so we could care about such things.  A few years prior most men and women worked for little profit; and, a handful of years further back the fashion of the day mattered more than the principles of how we achieved such luxury, much like today.  Sometimes it seems like society is a great river full of eddies, rapids, smooth flats and deep pools.  Depending on where you’re at, you could stand ankle deep and skip rocks across the flats or one step further out and be pulled in by the current and swept under.  We know one thing; you won’t last long trying to swim upstream.  Look what happened to Jesus; they beat him hard and crucified him; and, he was simply telling the truth!

A river flows in one direction, even the smallest of I.Q’s have that problem solved.  The river digs it’s own path, shapes it’s own course.  Gravity dictates it’s destiny but it rarely travels a straight line.  Now, if you hold a balloon and drop it we all believe without any outside interference it will fall in a direct line to the ground, all due to the force of gravity.  A rock, some result.  Drop a balloon in a river and it’s going to flow with the current, drop a rock in a river and it may flow for a piece, but it’s gonna come to a spot and remain in a place it has decided to resist from.

Democracies have always produced the fiercest warriors because their warriors are free men, free men who are free to fight, free to improvise to reach their objective and free to hope their efforts will bring a future peace.  They will move with the current for a while, but eventually, they will come to rest in a spot that they will resist from, burrowed in the bedrock holding their ground.  Our nations history is filled with stories of such brave men and their accomplishments.  A river changes course when it flows against the rocks that will not give way to any force of the current.  At one point, Christ walked back into Jerusalem and dug His feet into the bedrock and changed the course of Mankind.  Say what you will; but I think it was a matter of principle to His Father that he must do exactly that.

We may be in a time in our nation where the balloons and the rocks have both decided to take on the river.  The balloons like the flow and they want the river to keep moving in a straight line unhindered by any one thing that would prevent them all from lustfully flowing in their serene fashion; the rocks, on the other hand, have flowed, as far as they are willing, and have come to a place they have decided to resist from.  A long time ago, the man who helped pour the first drops to this mighty river we call America, said: “In matters of fashion swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock”.  Ain’t it so!

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