The initial events encountered, never outweigh our responses.  We are always encouraged, enlightened or emboldened by someone’s story when there is a response in us versus a simple reaction.  A shallow look through history asking the same question, “how did this culture or that nation respond”, will tell you much more than the initial discord itself terraced alongside the peoples reaction.  This transforming experience of response, the one we miss out on, because we focus on the prognostication over reactions instead of living responsively, changing, acting and transforming means everything.  Much is the same with the Cross.  The entire life of Jesus was pointed toward His day on the Cross.  Imagine the perspective, which the Hebrews of Christ’s day had toward a cross?  It represented to them the vile, ruthless, sinister image of death, pain and horror. Consider giving your child a small image of a golden guillotine to where around his neck – seems absurd, yet Christ transformed the worst of all things into something new, something completely changed.  Our response, our changing, not simply our reaction to this is critical.  Do we see the Cross, do we transform, do we react to it wearily, or do we wholly respond to the hope and the blessing which it has now become; this is critical to our story.  Ain’t it so!

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