Life is a series of choices and responses, what you choose and how you respond to it form your world today; at least the world as you see it.  Mark Twain may have had the simplest perspective on the matter; “Don’t go around saying the world owes you anything, the world owes you nothing, it was here before you.”  You might look at God the same way, He was here long before us, He made this world and He made us; therefore, He owes us nothing.  Adam and Eve had the garden, remember; but they chose differently and we’ve had to respond ever since.

And God saw everything that he had made. And they were very good. And it became evening and morning, the sixth day. 

 Our choices and responses since that day have created our story; more of which may be as much legend, as is true fact.  We have an incredible capacity to do good, yet a propensity for doing anything but good.  So what’s at stake here?

The story is, that a guy named Moses was given some words and instructions; and, everything he received was written down in a book called Deuteronomy.  It begins by saying: “The Lord is One”, it ends with a challenge, the challenge that if you follow these laws and statutes, you will succeed and be “Strong and Courageous”.  Everything in between tells you that, if you follow the words, life will be less stressful, more purposeful, fulfilling.  It was the most complete book written by the manufacturer with the entire “why’s”, “how’s,” and “what if’s” that may apply to the said product.  Further explanations are provided throughout the book, which are a clear read.

The first problem, our propensity for screwing up. Politics, leadership, rules and laws are just things we don’t always do well with.  “No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent”; that’s what A. Lincoln had to say about his fellow man, how much more when you put God in the phrase.  As much as we have a capacity for good, we will all, inevitably, slide toward screwing up. Sad, but true and we all know it.

Solution, the manufacturer, God, had an answer, He would go personally to the folks, explain the solution, accept the punishment that is rightly theirs; otherwise “I, being God, can’t stand to be around them, but, I love them so much because I made them in My own image, and, I don’t want them all to perish!” Then, because these folks are so much like the dumbest animal Adam ever named, “sheep”, I will give them my Grace, if they will just ask Me to forgive them, and believe the story I am telling.  So, God gets 12 guys, coaches them up for three years, so they can spread the story around; and, He leaves a messenger, someone we cannot see, to help us understand this story.  Sound wild, I just watched “The Man of Steel” last night and the people in front of me were saying, “It was the best Superman movie, ever!” Really?  Man can find a place in his mind and heart for Marvel Comics; yet the God of creation outlines a plan for you to live “Strong and Courageously”, and your answer is?

Our response, just believe in the one that He sent, go back to what his first instructions were and strive to live like we were first told.  When we fail, be honest and seek his forgiveness and try again and again, like a warrior relentless for victory, after all, He told us to be strong and courageous.  Will you ever be “good enough”? Chances are that you won’t, life is after all, about choices and responses, you know, the journey man!

And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.

Like all stories that we hope will have a happy ending this one has all the capabilities thereof; however, choosing not to believe in the story, the ending is catastrophic.  There is torment, fire, pain and even the damn monkeys from the Wizard of OZ in the result. Choices and Responses Ain’t it so.

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