The bumper sticker read “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  Paul writes to the Colossians that in Christ all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden.  I must be unaware because this bumper sticker apparently has things figured out? I am confused on one point however, I’ve read in the old testament that: “It’s Gods glory to hide a treasure and it is a kings glory to search it out.”  Driving home last week from an event, I passed one of those “speed check bandits” parked along the shoulder of the highway; so engrossed in my conversation with my passenger, I didn’t even hear him say “Cop!”, the eloquence of my surprise as the red lights appeared in my rear view mirror, lay testimony to my human being having a human experience.  Nothing spiritual about this in the eyes of my passenger, anyway.  Somehow, I think there is more to all this than can be expressed on a bumper sticker or in a book.  We are called to be in relentless pursuit of our adoption, as sons, through the grace of Jesus Christ. To pursue a life driven and guided by His spiritual nature, lived out through us.  If this can be defined by one of the aforementioned, I will concede; but, somewhere along these poetic analogies we find a “searching” of God for us, as well.

“…and calling us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was granted us in Christ Jesus from all eternity,…”

And again,

“But an hour is coming and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.”


“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.”


When Billy Chappell opened the ninth inning at Yankee stadium two things and maybe more hung in the balance; all of which depends on your love of the game.  A testimony, an epitaph, a signature finally and, a very sore right arm.  A great man once told me there is something spiritual about sport, which is of course, is a whole other blog; and, this example is just about a movie anyway.  Our stories, even those of fictitious persons, can give us a glimpse at things we sometimes have difficulty explaining in words alone.  Billy Chappell utters a small prayer “God, I’ve never asked you to get involved in a baseball game, it always seemed senseless, after all, you’ve got enough problems to deal with.  But, if you could make this pain in my arm go away for about 10 minutes, I sure would be thankful.”  So, if your standing on the “hill” in Yankee Stadium in the twilight of your career, just three outs away from a perfect game, your last game, what kind of experience is this?  You want to know what happens in the movie?  Watch the movie.

I know a seasoned ball player playing in his final game, etching his last moment in sport across the canvas, would not take the mound in the bottom of the ninth with a perfect game within the strokes of his brush, without a deep conviction in his gut, that said: “I will not yield!”  You have to be relentless, possess a warrior’s spirit to accomplish things that exceed your grasp.  Doesn’t God look to and fro for men with such relentless, unyielding spirit.  The bumper sticker should have just read “Relentless”.  Ain’t it so.

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