In the Moment

I heard a famous coach once deliberate on the topic of “being the best”. I would like to say this is a truly American theme, as yanks, we deeply admire the pursuit of being the best. We can even underscore in fine print, that no matter what the achievement, we soon find there is always somebody better! The mountain top may be reachable, and then again maybe not; but, the pursuit is never ending, and that is what we consider a lofty goal. It creates a mind-set that every moment counts! When we miss an opportunity our primary goal reminds us that we need to more aware, more attentive and focused. Consider the fact that we can act Holy in the moments we are given. Our goal is to “Love the Lord God with all our heart, with all our mind and with all our soul. This should remind us to be more aware, more attentive, more focused. If the batters count is 1 and 2, he still has life, at least one more pitch; and, the moment exists for the game winner, for either side. When the shepherds reached the barn and found Mary holding the Babe; their response in that moment could only be their best, Holy in the moment. Ain’t it so!
May your Christmas be Blessed

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