From the Mountain

To the morning crew:

Ernie, Aaron, Carol, Russ, Shawn D., Karsten, Bob, Andrew, Shawn R., Adam, Dustin,  Dylan, Jeff, Josh, Lindsey, Julie, Ty, Nate, Chris, Bryan, Dan, Brad, Lance

You must live in a relentless manner for the heart of Jesus; to know him, to forgive like Him, to love like Him, to talk like Him.  Acknowledging your errors, gaffes, wrongs and the evilness, which we all have at times.  Asking as David asked, for His forgiveness because we lack His joy without His redemption.  Our spirit in this must be unyielding, our actions relentless toward this end.   Amid all the slogans, cliches, themes and stories of motivation we see, hear and read; be driven more passionately by the blessing of God through Moses to us many years ago.  Trusting that He will go before us, He will never leave us or forsake us; because He also said, “and with those who are not with us here today”; therefore, we are assured this blessing was also made to us.  Commit yourself with great resolve to build up your name, which has power, around the Faith in the One, who is and was and always will be.  Pass your name intentionally to your children, so they may know the God you serve.  Know that Your joy will be found in the smallest and simplest corners of life, where you least expect it; and when you find it, you will understand that God just “winked,” because He loves to surprise you.  Make him the hero in your life, the one you would never seek to change, the one you desire with all your heart to be more like.  Pick yourself up again and again to run, not walk, and run with a relentless fury to win, to achieve and to build something with virtue, regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the impossibilities.  Be strong and courageous, Rak CHASAK Amats.


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