There is one time of the year I am supposed to look at 40 calendar days with this singular focused attitude.  How can I move closer to becoming the man God truly intended me to become?  Some might say, “Well, why don’t you look at every day like that, why must it be just, these specific 40 days that are carved out from all the rest?” I read the other day where people who grow up the most well adjusted, do so, in a culture that has a specific “code of conduct,” rules if you will.  It is said to be so, because, we grow up more complete in life when we know exactly what to break, rebel against, complain about and or otherwise ignore!  Those who choose a more liberal approach to the social order are probably struggling here, but nevertheless, it is a fact.  If there is nothing great to attain to, how great can my effort be, to achieve greatness?  If, I am only victorious over small things, don’t I remain small?  I do not like rules, but I love discipline; and, getting closer to the man God intended me to become is a great challenge that will require much discipline.  Most of all, it is not a small thing.  Welcome to the Lenten Season.  Ain’t it so.


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