Finding Your Swagger

“It is for you now to find your place in the history of humanity. Nobody can do it for you. It is a work that will be left undone unless you do it yourself. The world doesn’t need Mother Teresa. The church doesn’t need another Francis of Assisi. The world needs you. The church needs you… it falls to you to find your role, your place. Who will be next?


The best thing you can do for your self is to become the-best-version-of-yourself. The best thing you can do for your spouse, your children, your work, your nation and for God is to become the-best-version-of-yourself”.                                                                         

Saint Francis of Assisi wrote: “First do what is necessary. Then do what is possible.  Before you know it, you will be doing the impossible.”  So, if not you, then who?

– Matthew Kelly


So, what is the-best-version-of-yourself? Only you can answer that. It’s not for me, someone else or through some question probed and answered in the multitude of self-help books, both religious and non-religious versions on the market to answer. You have to search out the answer.  The Proverb says, “It’s the Glory of God to hide a treasure and a Kings glory to search it out”.  When a ballplayer strides up to the box from the batting circle; he has some swagger when he’s confident in his swing.  Every ball player knows it takes work to develop that swing.  It’s a process, a journey; you’re going to have to figure it out along the way.  Kings are able to look deeper into any matter because they posses such great resources.  In the book of Ephesians it is stated that we are adopted sons of the King; should we have therefore any less resources?  In teaching young guys over the past 33 years, I’ve always believed that people learn best when given a clear starting point, the freedom to “try” their skills, success and failure had to play a role; feedback regarding those up and downs was critical. It was in the journey that true gut level learning, the kind that leaves an imprint; like how you learned to ride a bike and have never forgot, the kind of learning that lasts a lifetime, this is where it takes place, in the journey, in the searching it out.

So here is the starting point.

Pick up the Gospel of John.  Don’t bring any commentary with you, try to forget all of the things you’ve ever been told about this book, read it like a short 21 chapter story.  Somewhere down deep inside every man is a question that bellows for an answer; it’s here, this is the “X” on the map. Buried inside these chapters is your beginning point, your launch code, you’re starting block. The “yes”, your deepest yes, resides here.

In the game of football, you need one play that stands alone among the myriad of other plays that you have. This has to be a play, which stands out, you know it better than all the rest; and, you are known for it. Everyone will want to stop this play, you have to know how to run it against every possible scheme designed to stop it. When everything look’s like that it is stacked up against you-you can run it anyway. Why, Because you believe in it!  Every man needs that kind of “play” in his life.  You can find it here in John’s writings.

As it was said in the “Legend of Beggar Vance”, you can remember the words. “We got to go find your swing”. Ain’t it true!

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