The inscription reads: “There was a time when the world asked ordinary men to do extraordinary things”.  Now many of those who were asked have passed into a new time frame and are no longer with us.  The greatest generation has become almost, a fully distant generation, and we are left in the wake of their breeze they’ve passed by us.  History may record that those who boomed out from their footsteps were not as noteworthy in the extraordinary; but, neither we nor those who follow from us will have had any less of a request.  History is filled with men and times of great vision, triumph and sorrow; the extraordinary and the call to be and act, as such, has always been a theme within the story of man.  Scripture tells us, “He who has ears, let him hear”.  If you can remember the final scene in Lonesome Dove, the reporter says to Woodrow Call, “They say you and your friend fought the comanche and made Texas safe, and you started  the first cattle ranch in Montana; they say you’re a man of vision? Woodrow ponders the thought for a moment and visions of his life pass quickly through his memories with his best friend, Augustus McCray.  Then he responds, “Man of vision you say….Yep, helluva vision”.  What are you if you don’t answer the deepest “Yes” inside you?  Everyman has a story and each one is worth telling; but, which is worth the more, the story that followed that deepest “Yes,” or the one that’s simply about a story?  If the Almighty hasn’t planted that deepest “Yes” inside all of us, then who has?  Pursuing the deepest thing inside of us may not be easy, glamorous or for that matter, profitable, but it is, an extraordinary journey; and, I believe that we are all called to pursue after it.  What is flashing before your eye’s?  If, it’s not something that has moments of pain, joy and bewilderment, then you’re not listening.  Accepting responsibility and leading courageously requires these outcomes and they are the things that, when put into context of the whole, tell the story of a significant life.  Have you become a little less judgmental, a little more willing to extend grace to the opposite opinion and bare the ability to love the unlovable.  Remember what He said in the garden, “That they may become one, as We are one”.   Ain’t it so

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