The old man looked down surprised his feet could still carry him.  Ninety-one years ago, his grandfather had laughed at his tiny bowlegged grandson and wondered if he would ever walk a straight line; but, these once taut and wirily limbs had walked and raced and carried him through a sea of life.  What does a young man know compared to the etchings engraved upon a feeble man of years?  Moses told the people to write these words on the door posts of their homes.

“You shall love The Lord thy God, with all your heart, with all you mind, and with all your soul”

The people should see these words as they left their homes for work, for play, for business, for pleasure in whatever each day may bring.  When they returned at the end of the day, these words would greet them before they entered their homes again.  How many reps does it take to learn a skill so it becomes your first reaction of response; like a reflex, your first nature and not your second.  The heart is a busy muscle and the most difficult one to train; because, it takes a lifetime.  Ain’t it so!

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