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The book of Deuteronomy, or copy of the law, brings to a close the 5 books of the Torah. To the pagan world at this time, a god composing “Laws” for people to follow was like ordering McDonald’s via the Pony Express; it was nonsensical for a god to identify with one people. Moses on Mount Sinai exemplified this when he asked God: “What is your name/” (Genesis 3:11-15).

The Book is composed of 3 long addresses by Moses, most notably his words from God about the blessings of fidelity and care (Deuteronomy 7:12-8:6). Relationships have commitments; like games have rules or they are neither a game nor a relationship.

Moses was the one! The one whom the people said at Mt Sinai; “You speak to us and we will listen; but do not let God speak to us, for we shall die.” Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid, for God has come only to test you and put the fear of him upon you so you do not sin.” (Ex 21:19-20). It is said “The lord used to speak to Moses face to face, as a person speaks to a friend” (Ex 34:11). At this time, Moses was the greatest among prophets, the people chose him so and God said this was a wise decision, yet Moses sinned at the waters of Meribah showing his frustration which, only for a moment, gave a glimpse of his momentary doubt. But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron: Because you did not have confidence in me, to acknowledge my holiness before the people, therefore you shall not lead this assembly into the land I have given them (Numbers 21:12). Moses pleads with God in Deuteronomy Ch-3, that he may enter the land promised to the people but to no avail, God says, No!

If the definition of leadership is “influence” then Moses shows us what true leadership looks like. He is 120 years old now and he has been on this mission for 80 years, contemplate this for just one second, 80 years on task, and it is said his eyes were undimmed and his vigor unabated! So, what does he do? He responds like a man and blesses all the tribes about to enter the land; lays hands upon his successor, Joshua, and encourages all the people who are about fulfill his greatest hearts desire. He encourages them to trust and honor God. It is said: Since then no prophet has arisen in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face” (Deuteronomy 34:10). It is rightly said, that it is the life in your years that make up the life. Ain’t it so!

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