What makes a man most dangerous?

Is it the way he dresses, that matters most to us?

Or, is that just the walk of another would be poser

Who struts down the sidewalk, as he moves closer


Is it the style of his hair, blow’n in the wind

A dirty glint in his eye, as he walks in

The loud barks, and the calling out

Or just his size, everyone talks about


Is it dangerous deeds, and tales of fear

That captivate young men, over whiskey and beer

Or deeds of bravery, in places long away

Matching heroics in battle, against anyone’s prey


When Jesus walked amongst this crowd

These men all followed, the tall and the proud

The carpenter, with the calloused hands

Men who labored, had joined his band


He was tall and rough, not weak and slim,

He knew a good days work was needed to win.

When the sun came up, he’d been hard at work

Food for the table, no task to shirk


Speak his name in the common clubs

And men will shrivel, neath the fear it rubs

Nothing will bear, just the mention of his name

The rich, the strong, the wise, all feel the shame


He took twelve uneducated men of the sea

Turned the world right side up, gave it away for free.

Blue collared guys, dressed in workmen’s garb

Became the world’s first and foremost, greatest rock stars


What makes a man dangerous

Looking right into the life, of the man named Jesus

Telling His story to all who’ll hear,

Speaking his name, without worry or fear.

A.G. McCrea

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