So Jacob, the son of Isaac is serving his uncle Laban (Gen 28) a wealthy herdsman, for the price of marrying his daughters Rachel and Leah.   Audrey Hepburn said: “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”, by the end of the story, I’m not sure either Leah or Rachel met Audrey’s standard but Isaac loved Rachel more than Leah.  Laban was a conniving sort, that both liked and needed Jacob’s talent to increase his heard; and, I would guess wanted to keep his daughters close, what father wouldn’t.  Jacob wanted to return home.  Jacob was no fool; he listened to God and was willing to wrestle with any man in a deal to make the most for himself.  He convinced Laban to give him all the dark or speckled flock, which being of lesser value, in exchange for his wages. This must have initially looked like a good deal to Laban.  Jacob who was the Herdsman in charge, was wise to make sure all the pure white ewes would always breed with the black rams thus, after 6 years, Jacob owned the larger flock.  Laban was angry but he had agreed to the deal, outwitted, he had no course but to let Jacob leave with his daughters and most of his wealth.

This part of the story comes after Jacob deceived his brother Esau and his father Isaac, stealing his older brothers birthright for a mere bowl of stew; and, Jacobs mother, Rebekah sending him away to her brother Laban before Esau could kill him for the betrayal.  However you look at the story, Jacob was a man who understood the “art of the deal” and God will use Jacob’s innate skills for the purposes that God desired.  He became the father of the 12 tribes of Israel and his son Joseph ended up being the force that helped the Israel nation survive in Egypt when famine overcame their land.

God sought out Jacob, Jacob wrestled with God and Jacob discovered that God is present not only in the place where he had dreams, (Gen 28:16) but physically, at their encounter on the desert mat. Hosea12: 4 states they’re wrestling match ends with tears, as God touches Jacob’s hip and dislocates it – with his finger!  In ancient culture to touch a man’s hip was showing complete superiority!  So why fight a battle you cannot possibly win; or, is Jacob like all men.  We willingly fight, even against the almighty, because our adventures are always more important than His adventures?  Strangely enough, from this point forward, Jacob is someone new and his responses in life are forever changed.  Ain’t it so!

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