Be a Champion

Coaching is an interesting profession. There might not be any other work in our society that has as much influence on the core of society, as the men and women who direct the course of events within games.  How will history write about this?  Yet again, how will history portray the legacy they are creating?  The coach is both a teacher and a leader in every true sense.  Teaching the rules and patterns which govern all facets of the game itself; and, leading young men and women through the course of their lives within the time frame when they are most impressionable.  In some places the game exists as Rome reincarnated; in others, the game is still the game that Camp, Doubleday and Naismith once dreamed about.  However you see it, one thing hasn’t changed since the day when Harvard met McGrath in 1874.  Nor, does it matter that your ball is round, fits in your palm or is shaped somewhat oblong.  The men and women, who are mentally tough and possess the savvy to score, play it best.  They receive the highest honors, the most attention, and deservedly so, they are the factors.  Participation is not a pass to greatness even in the kingdom of heaven and certainly not at 1:00 O’clock on a fall afternoon.  Grace comes to those who are willing to sacrifice, make plays and not simply be content to just wear the uniform.  The saying goes: “To be a champion, you must prepare like a champion, train like a champion and think like a champion”.  They asked Him at Capernaum, “What must we do to do the works of God”.  He answered, “Believe in Him who he has sent!”  This will take more preparation, more training and more presence of mind than it takes to play a thousand games in any coliseum.

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