Blog thru the Bible: Nehemiah

The Persian King Cyrus decreed that the Jews held in captivity could begin their return home to Jerusalem.   Remember, Israel had lost control of their kingdom because they were not attentive to the testimonials of God’s grace, justice and mercy: their … Continue reading

Blog thru the Bible: Ezra

Babylon forced the Jewish nation into exile, the Persians subsequently conquered the Babylonians and allowed a portion of the Judean exiles to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple of God. Ezra, a scribe skilled in the Law, who was … Continue reading

Blog thru the Bible: 1st and 2nd Chronicles

Now some might say that the Old Testament is not as relevant today. After all we’re living under the new covenant, Christ rose from the dead; therefore, all things have become new. But can you actually watch the last 15 … Continue reading

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