An Idea

“Whether God leads us by suffering or by consolation all would be equal to a truly resigned soul” – Brother Lawrence

If we were to be so consumed by the presence of God in our daily mundane or harried schedule alike, we might begin to see both the power and joy of the almighty in much resolve. The man who can continually understand W.W.J.D. feels a fearful and confident presence of Him, as a David or a Joshua.  It is a “battle” for any man to live with both a constant presence and reliance on such things; things which cannot be so readily seen, only realized by giving way to idea of faith.

“Historians, students of war must never be content to learn merely how men fight a battle, but always ask why soldiers fight as they do, and what ultimately their battle is for” – Victor Hansen

Should a man desire less than a truly resigned soul, obviously not all men seek such things, 12 spy’s went into the land of Canaan and 10 chose something different, two were not enough to sway the idea’s of the assembly.  The pair returned some 40 years hence, completely resolved and they were asked to fight. It is however to some just merely an idea, a thought or belief that we are free to choose should something so daring be of our liking or not.  What can ever be accomplished unless there is a unifying spirit that is, all in? When faith convicts you of your ideas possessing flesh and blood they become something worth the fight.  Ideas are very powerful and they are shared in words; and sometimes, these words crossover lines into places where our own ideas live.  What did Lucilla say to the cohort in the Gladiator: “Is Rome worth one good man’s life?  We believed it once, make us believe it again”. What is your idea of Christ crucified; how much is your soul worth?  That deepest part of you that thirsts for the water once tasted will never thirst again.  When Joshua realized his place there was no going back; he made the people believe.  History has proven that an idea can be more powerful than one may have bargained for.

“The naive Hannibal – who believed that his war could be decided by his mass ephemeral heroism and cunning at Cannae rather than by the lasting power of an idea” – “Carnage and Culture”

70 years later that “idea” annihilated Hannibal’s Cathage, and it is no more.  Is your “idea” walking beside you, or is it simply something you’ve dreamed up that works well for you and let others choose for themselves? Do you need 40 years like Joshua to get your semikhah (Authority)? What is the desire of your soul? Rome was an idea that lasted a millennium, God has lasted forever and He judges the nations, as they are nothing.  Ain’t it so?

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