A Star

I live real close to the birthplace of John Wayne, almost makes a man feel heroic just saying those words.  The “Duke” was legendary; he was tough, honest, resilient and extremely stereotyped.  Marion Robert Morrison played lots of different men during his career from 1930 to 1976, but you always got the “Duke”. The same swagger, demeanor and ultimately the same authentic pilgrim walked in every role he portrayed.  We might say that a myriad of circumstances define our lives, but none of these roles should overshadow our authentic nature.  The leading man that is most interesting is the one whom Jesus loves and no matter what the role or storyline is it’s personified by the voice and the swagger that is distinctly you. You are unmistakable in the story, uniquely made for this purpose, a purpose only you can accomplish, authentic and irreplaceable. The one who isn’t defined by errors, mistakes or failures; the one that has been mystically transformed by forgiveness and emerged from these trial shapes of clay into a star.  Jesus buys a ticket for each and every performance because no one plays you, better than you.  I saw the re-make of “True Grit” it was OK, but the “Duke” was made for the role, perfectly fitted.   Jesus took the fouls, the errors, the stripes and all the wounds; and transformed them into what we call Grace.  We need to consider this transformation and do our best to replicate this into our live and authentic roles.   Ain’t it so!

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